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Naat Research Centre International was formed by Syed Sabeehudin Sabeeh Rehmani (The Founder & Chairperson of NRC, Pakistan, UK, USA and India) and now people are following almost everywhere in the world for information and research related to NAAT.

N R C Publications

Naat Research Centre Library, widest collection of books covering various topics and Research work on NAAT.

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Naat Research Centre

If you would like to join Naat Research Centre or write an article please click on the logo image....

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Naat Rang Issues

Naat Rang Issues are available to read in Urdu, if you would like to read any of the Issues please click here...

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Aims & Objectives of Naat Research Centre International

1. Advance education, awareness and development of classical and modern Islamic writing, especially in the form of Naat Sharif. 2. Publish information, material and literature through multimedia channels to raise public awareness of Naat Sharif. 3. Organise lectures, symposia, conferences and open meetings to promote world class research of Naat Sharif. 4. Deliver educational and study facilities, texts, courses, lectures and conducting research and developing new research collaboration between academic centres in the UK and abroad. 5. Facilitate educational programs to enhance understanding of Islam. 6. Encourage interfaith dialogue and community cohesion and integration.